Local Business Spotlight: Diolun Designs

Looking for exquisite accessories that you cannot find anywhere else? Cynthia Dillon’s Diolun Designs has you covered! She designs high quality and beautiful jewelry and accessories. If you are on Palm Beach, swing by Jennifer Garrigues, Inc. boutique to find her wearable pieces of art. You can also find her online, at www.diolundesigns.com. These are perfect as gifts and also as a treat for yourself!

Name of Business:
Diolun Designs LLC

Name of Owner:
Cynthia Dillon

Business Location:
Jennifer Garrigues Inc. boutique in Palm Beach, Florida, and online at www.diolundesigns.com

What the Business Does:
Diolun Designs LLC. oversees the production, manufacture, distribution and sale of “sculpted jewelry and accessories” created by American designer Cynthia Dillon. Jewelry in Sterling Silver (and/ or 18KT Gold, by Special Order); and a collection of Silk Shawls – all original designs by Cynthia Dillon.

How the Business Got Started:
Cynthia Dillon has been involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of jewelry and accessories since 1980, (first working alongside Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co.’s foremost designer, from 1980-1988) and on her own, internationally and in the USA, from 1989 – present. Diolun Designs LLC, based in Florida, was established in June 2019 for the launching of her jewelry and accessories line, on December 6, 2019, at Jennifer Garrigues Inc. in Palm Beach and online at www.diolundesigns.com

Business Niche or Specialty:
High end Jewelry/Accessories designs. Our customer is ageless, genderless; someone who likes jewelry/accessories inspired in nature, art and anything that is beautiful, striking, different, whimsical and… pleasing to the eye.

What Sets the Business Apart:
We like to work closely with our customers and buyers. For us, communication and availability, one-on-one, is of the utmost importance. We are engaged in every aspect of the business, from manufacturing to marketing and advertising, as “Cynthia is involved in every facet of the creation of her composition, from its original concept to its final execution.’

Ideal Clients:
Our ideal client is the person who would enjoy owning or buying as a gift, an originally designed piece of jewelry, (bracelet, earrings, necklace, pendant, ring, and/or object); and knowing its first model was hand carved (in wax) and finished by hand … something imperfectly perfect.

Contact Information – Business Phone/Address:
Cynthia’s Cell: 202-250-1359
Email: cdillon@diolundesigns.com
P.O. Box 504, Palm Beach, FL 33480

www.diolundesigns.com and www.cynthiadillon.com

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