Local Business Spotlight: MADabolic Jupiter

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to take better care of your mind and body, then meet my newest obsession: MADabolic Jupiter! MADabolic is a boutique fitness studio born out of Charlotte, NC, that focuses on strength-based classes. It is the closest I have ever come to receiving one-on-one personal training while in a group class. The instructors are top-notch and pay careful attention to form. Some of the moves are so form-based that they feel like physical therapy. What could be better than challenging your body while having fun and staying safe at the same time?

Name of Business:
MADabolic Jupiter

Name of Owners/Operators:
Zach Eggen & Josh Werner

Business Service Area:
Jupiter & surrounding areas

What the Business Does:
We are a boutique fitness studio, specializing in strength-biased classes executed by professional trainers. Our program is centered around 3 interval styles, intentionally designed to improve your power & speed, stability & stamina, and athleticism & endurance.

How the Business Got Started:
We are unit 17 of a growing franchise, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our founders, Brandon & Kirk, started as pro hockey players, then developed personal training programs intended to develop sustainable strength for the everyday and former athlete. From that MADabolic was born.  As far as our location goes, Zach and Josh each have extensive training backgrounds and were attracted to MADabolic in early 2020. They saw the sustainability of both the approach to training, and the potential of the business model. We believe that intentionally designed workouts, along with an emphasis on strength, is the next wave of the fitness industry. For the individual who knows its time to stop randomly exercising and start training, our program offers the solution. 

Business Niche or Specialty:
Our program is strength biased, interval-structured, group training. You will  focus on strength & stamina, athleticism & endurance, or power & speed dependent on the days workout. Movements will follow functional patterns such as hinge, squat, press, pull, jump, bike, row, run (inside only) and strike (my favorite). We pride ourselves in our approach to individual coaching, and you will feel like you’re getting a personal training session. 

What Sets the Business Apart:
Our trainers are top notch, They take pride in making you better at moving your body every day. We are not here to be your cheerleader, we are here to teach you how to move your body so you can get stronger and live a healthier life. We will encourage you to eat enough to fuel your workouts, to take rest days, and to go lighter or move more intentionally (slow down) if that is going to serve you and your goals. And if you need a push, we are here for that too!

Ideal Clients:
Anyone looking for a sustainable approach to fitness, whether it’s your first time picking up a weight, or you’re a former D1 athlete, we will help you find a new level of intentionality, at an intensity that serves your needs and goals.

Contact Information:
instagram: mad_jupiterfl
email: jupiter@madabolic.com 


Business Address:
901 W Indiantown Road, Suite 28 (Plaza on the northwest corner of Pennock and Indiantown)

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