Nonprofit Spotlight: African Orphan Educational Foundation

Looking for an amazing organization to support? Check out African Orphan Educational Foundation. This is a local organization with a truly global vision. They focus on equipping, educating and empowering disadvantaged youth in Africa.

Name of organization:
African Orphan Educational Foundation

Purpose of organization:
To generate awareness of and support the educational and personal development needs of disadvantaged youth in Africa while nurturing cultural appreciation and harmony between nations. 

Mission statement:
To support the educational and personal development needs of orphans and impoverished children in Africa at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

Vision Statement:
To lift generations out of poverty in Africa by providing the poorest and most vulnerable children access to a quality education

Short-term goals:
Sponsor 40+ students in Uganda & Kenya, expand programs into Burundi and Malawi, launch a culturally-relevant leadership curriculum and implement an international job placement program.                            

Long-term goals:
Collaborate in a United Nations program for selected student leaders, expand learning access by collaborating with educational leaders and curriculum developers, remain at the forefront of quality education in Africa, and hire /expand staff on both continents.  

How can others help?
Subscribe to our Breakfast On The Nile newsletter, follow and engage with us on Social Media, help us identify individual and business partners to sponsor students, buy from and choose AOEF as your charity of choice. Request our ‘Ways You Can Help’ checklist by emailing

Contact information:
or contact Kathie Kreh at 561-262-8828 




Social Media:

10130 Northlake Blvd., #214-202, West Palm Beach, FL 33412 

Our inspiration:
AOEF is a legacy to a great man who loved Africa and put service above self, and is inspired by faith and 12+ years in missionary service and travel to Uganda.

The facts:

  • 70% of the world’s poorest people live in sub-Saharan Africa. In just 10 years, that figure is expected to climb to 87%. Africa is the continent with the largest number of people (383 million) living in extreme poverty. [Max Roser and Estaban Ortiz-Ospina (2019) – “Global Extreme Poverty”,]
  • 97 million children were out-of-school in sub-Saharan Africa prior to the pandemic. [UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Fact Sheet #56, September 2019] Most kids just can’t afford it.
  • By 2030, just 1 in 4 children in sub-Saharan Africa will complete the equivalent of a high school education. [UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Global Education Monitoring Report July 10, 2019]
  • Education reduces poverty – if education systems improved, absolute poverty could be reduced by 30%. [Global Partnership for Education, UNESCO GEM Report, Learning Generation Report 2016]
  • Education is the most reliable route out of poverty and a critical pathway towards healthier, more productive citizens and stronger societies. [UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and UNICEF (2015)]
  • Education is a global equalizer and an opportunity multiplier. [Kathie Kreh]
  • Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. [Nelson Mandela]

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