Local Business Spotlight: Julie Genereux Consulting

Looking for someone to help guide you along the path of healing, self-discovery and self-empowerment? Julie Genereux is a ray of sunshine who loves to help others return to wholeness.

Name of Business:
Julie Genereux Consulting

​Julie Genereux

Business Service Area:
Florida, The Palm Beaches and beyond

What the Business Does:
Julie Genereux is a certified Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant, Energy Healing Practitioner and spiritual teacher.  Julie works with her clients as a partner on their beautiful, healing journey of spiritual growth, self-discovery and self-empowerment back to the memory of their wholeness.​

How the Business Got Started:
Julie has always shared her innate healing gifts while working in the business and corporate world, never recognizing them as her Soul Mission and Life Purpose.  While working on her own self-healing, she recognized that this is the work she is meant to do and said “Yes!” to doing the work that is her life purpose. Julie really loves her work and loves holding sacred space for her clients as they walk their own path of healing, self-discovery and self-empowerment.  

Business Niche or Specialty:
Spiritual teacher & mentor and Energy Healing Practitioner. Julie works with the Akashic Records, Usui Reiki, Angel Healing and other therapies to assist her clients to heal and shift all that does not support them so they can experience joy in their lives. 

What Sets the Business Apart:

“You stand because of those who have lifted you up when you needed it;  those who stand behind you, holding sacred space for you on your journey.” Julie Genereux​

The Masters & Teachers of the Akashic Records shared this nugget of wisdom with me and I believe that it aptly describes the journey we all walk and share, and my work. I have turned my challenges into healing, learning lessons and have walked the path of healing and self-discovery.  This allows me to have great insight to be able to work with love, empathy and compassion as I serve my clients on their own healing path and learning process.

Ideal Clients:
Clie​nts who want to thrive in their lives.  You may feel that you have everything, or have done everything right but there is something amiss that you can’t quite pinpoint.  Clients who want to learn how to heal limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns.  If you feel like you keep repeating the same “mistakes” or are engaged in challenging relationships, you can get the clarity to bring healing to yourself and these situations or relationships.  I work with anyone who wants to enrich their daily experiences, grow spiritually and want to be empowered to live to their full potential.

Contact information:  
​(561) 203-9714;  consultakasha@outlook.com


Upcoming Workshop:

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