Local Business Spotlight: Transformations Esthetics & Wellness

Need a refresh? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself! Christie Shumate at Transformations Esthetics & Wellness helps both men and women to age gracefully through affordable treatments and a quality at-home skin care regimen. She will ensure that you leave looking your natural best. She is an active member of several business communities and a friend of mine.

Name of Business:
Transformations Esthetics & Wellness

Name of Owner:
Christie Shumate

Business Service Area:
The Palm Beaches and beyond

What the Business Does:
We are an award winning non-invasive custom Esthetic facility based in Jupiter, Florida. We offer custom Facials, HydraFacial, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Sublative acne scar revision, Fraxel, Photo Facials for sun damage and rosacea, Sublime RF with infrared, Celluma light therapy (for acne, skin tightening and inflammation), body skin tightening/cellulite reduction, Bach Flower Essences and the FAUX Line of treatments.

How the Business Got Started:
15 years ago, while nearing the age of 40, was feeling the need to “regain my youth”. I found myself in a waiting room of a Plastic Surgeons office and began to thumb through a “Before & After” photo album. Thinking that I would be looking at different nose jobs, tummy tucks, lip enhancements, etc. imagine my surprise when I saw children! Children who had been born with facial defects appeared first, followed by adult men and women that had encountered tragedies such as house fires, car accidents, etc. Hearing my name called, I carried the photo album into the Surgeon’s office. Questioning him about the photos, he explained that during the Summer months, he would donate his time and expertise to travel to third world countries to help these people. Then he asked me the magic question: “Why are you here”? With a lump in my throat, I confessed to how humbled I was looking through those photos. Then, I answered his question…” I came here today willing to pay you to make me look better than perfect”….”These people are hoping that you can make them look somewhat normal”.

That day changed my life. I too wanted to make a difference and give back. So, that day in my mind, Transformations Esthetics & Wellness was born! I began my Training at the Aveda Institute in Charlotte, NC and opened Transformations shortly after graduating. After eight years, I relocated to South Florida to be closer to my aging parents, and opened Transformations in Jupiter six years ago.

Business Niche or Specialty:
Hands down…helping both men and women to age gracefully through affordable treatments and a quality at-home skin care regimen. One of the treatments that is very popular our FAUX line. The FAUX line of treatments is a safer alternative to typical needle-type procedures such as Botox and Fillers. I call this the FAUX line due to the method of Botox/Filler infusion using a needle-free device. This device uses compressed air to push the product directly into the skin. This method is much more comfortable, with little to no bruising and much more affordable. Faux-Tox, Faux-Filler and Faux-Fat Dissolve (for neck or the body) have been game-changers!

What Sets the Business Apart:
All services offered came as a result from a problem that I, personally was having. Once I found the solution to fix me, then I wanted to share it with my clients. I don’t just purchase equipment, plug it in and hang an “Open” sign on the door. Every procedure has to have worked for me consistently, over and over again and must stand the test of time. Near and dear to my heart is supporting local charities through the purchases made. Each year we hold a Holiday Fundraiser for a special organization. Last year, we featured “Big Dog Ranch Rescue”. 

Ideal Clients:
Those suffering with acne (teen and adult) and folks that want to “update” their appearance without invasive surgery. Looking natural is always in!

Contact Information:
(561) 777-4813


Business Address:
185 E. Indiantown Rd. Suite 122, Jupiter Fl (in Seagrape Square)

Upcoming Events:
February 3, 2022 at Transformations Esthetics.
Open House from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Live demonstrations and one night only promotions.
RSVP required.

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