Foundation For Women’s Economic Literacy

The Foundation For Women’s Economic Literacy is a Non-Profit that was created to provide high quality financial education and resources to women. Through the foundation, Melanie Cabot seeks to enable women to properly steward the responsibility of leadership and also to empower our community!

Name of Business:
Foundation For Women’s Economic Literacy

​Melanie Cabot

Business Service Area:
Local Events in Palm Beach, Virtual Events Globally

What the Business Does:
We invite financial professionals to facilitate conversations on Financial Life Skills for our members.

How the Business Got Started:
Women control half the world’s wealth, but we lack high quality financial education and resources to properly steward this responsibility. I saw the need, and I created the non-profit to empower the women of our community!  

Business Niche or Specialty:
Women’s Financial Life Skills and Education

What Sets the Business Apart:
We have honest conversations on real life money issues, and what we want, what we need, and how to get there.

Ideal Clients:
Any women who want to gain control of their future!

Contact information:


Business Address:
Palm Beach

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