Local Business Spotlight: Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio

Living in South Florida is all about enjoying the outdoors. Do you want to upgrade your landscaping to make your home’s exterior as beautiful at night as during the day? Jon Van’s Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio will give you the premier services you need to make your personal outdoor experience look and sound AMAZING!

Name of Business:
Sitellight Outdoor Lighting and Audio

Name of Owner/Operator:
Jon Van

Business Service Area:
Palm Beach County, Martin County, and the surrounding areas

What the Business Does:
We help people enjoy their outdoor spaces after dark with light and sound.

How the Business Got Started:
Through my service in the military where I was a computer technician, I learned about troubleshooting, electrical engineering, and attention to detail. I later used those skills throughout my occupational career. I’ve done HVAC, commercial irrigation, and at one time I was an adult education teacher. I started this business over 10 years ago with the mission of bringing light and professionalism to South Florida one property at a time and after over 1000 jobs done, the mission continues. Our company started in 2014, and our mission has always been to keep our clients informed and satisfied. We believe that excellent communication is the key to a successful project. That’s why we always answer our phones, messages, and emails promptly. Shortly after I began the business, I began to use the phrase, “Light ‘Em Up!” For me it is a phrase of encouragement, it means to do your best in whatever you are about to do.

Business Niche or Specialty:
We specialize in landscape and holiday lighting design and installation

What Sets the Business Apart:
Besides the fact that we excel in communication and customer service, we actually are educated and certified in outdoor lighting design. Most of these companies have no idea about outdoor lighting design. They buy the cheapest spotlight fixture they can find, install it on every feature from the smallest bush to the tallest palm. No thought is given to beam spreads or lumen output. There are so many other possibilities when it comes to how incredible your property can look. Of course there is uplighting that is the most common outdoor lighting technique but there is also downlighting, washing, cross lighting, mirroring, silhouetting, and more. We can put lights on the second  level of your home, we can embed lights in concrete or pavers, strip lighting your pool hardscapes, lights in your fence… there is just so much more we can do compared to just about any other outdoor lighting company in our market.

Ideal Clients:
We have solutions for most people who love their outdoor spaces and want to be able to enjoy them after dark, However, our ideal client would be someone who appreciates the finer things in life, values premium quality, has a substantial budget, appreciates sophisticated design and red carpet-white glove service, and is committed to enhancing the beauty and functionality of their outdoor space through a lighting solution that adds drama and sophistication.

Contact Information:
Jon Van Mobile (office): (561) 629-0693


Business Address:
3866 Prospect Ave; Suite 12, West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Upcoming Events:
We have open referral partner slots available (one industry per slot) for the right businesses. Contact us if you do right by your clients and your ideal client is a match with ours. Light ‘em up!

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