July 2019: Mixing Business and Pleasure; Networking Updates


A Trusted Advisor:

Business is going well. I’ve had some major wins recently that are pretty exciting. I love taking care of others. It’s nice that my family expands with each new client! I have a steady stream of clients that I am helping, so thank you for your referrals and your business. My business model is based on service and not sales, so you can feel comfortable calling me for any information or advice you may have. I’m always available to help, and you’ll never have to worry about pressure!

Real Estate Review:

The South Florida market is changing. For details about your specific area, please see the BLOG section of my website (click here). If you are curious about your neighborhood and real estate holdings, let’s schedule a real estate review. This is a short meeting where we discuss market value, conditions and forecasts that apply specifically to your real estate needs. I do these for all my clients, friends and family. If you would like one now, please call me and I’m happy to set up our meeting.


On a personal note, I have been traveling a lot, and this week I am with my family at the beach! We are having SUCH a marvelous time. I’m working while I’m here, but I love my job, so it’s easy to mix business and pleasure.

Networking Group Off For Summer:

Networking events are on HOLD for the summer, due to traveling and hectic schedules. We’ll pick back up in the fall. The next newsletter will outline some significant changes in events, so stay tuned. It’s going to be REALLY FUN!

Book Club:

Travels have delayed the start of the book club. All who have expressed an interest will get communication this month about our books, dates and locations. Stay tuned!! We have a great group so this will be fantastic!

Share The Word:

My business is based on referrals, so thank you for referring me to friends, family, neighbors and peers. If you know anybody who would like to get connected in Palm Beach County or needs an honest and hard working REALTOR®, please forward this email to them. Also note that I can connect you and those you know with an area expert anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions or want more information, please give me call at 561-806-8550. I’d love to hear from you!

Warm regards,

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5 Things Buyers Hate to See

When you show your home to prospective buyers, there is probably a long list of things you’re hoping they’ll notice. For example, you’ll want them to see the beautiful chandelier in the foyer or the spacious backyard and large deck, or the kitchen with the island big enough for a whole family to sit down for breakfast.

But what about those things you’re hoping buyers will not notice?

Every home has some features that are less than enticing to the typical buyer. You may not be able to do much about a small kitchen or a home backing onto a noisy main street.

However, there are several things buyers don’t want to see that you can change. Here are five of the most common:

  • Clutter. Closets stuffed full of clothes or rooms crammed with too much furniture are distractions. Clutter of any kind makes buyers feel uneasy – and gets in the way of showcasing the wonderful features of your home.
  • Maintenance issues. Buyers definitely don’t want to see a lot of things that need repairs or replacement, such as dripping faucets, faded or chipped walls, or overgrown lawns and shrubbery.
  • Smells. Of course, you can’t see smells. But buyers will notice the lingering aroma of exotic cooking, cigarette smoke, and pets. These smells may even limit the amount of time they want to spend exploring the home.
  • Personal items. Buyers will understand that a family is living in the home they’re viewing. However, constant reminders – in the form of vacation pictures, trophies, or scattered children’s toys – can make a buyer feel like an intruder.
  • You. It’s nothing personal, but buyers prefer to view your home without you in it.

Fortunately, all these things can be easily dealt with before you show your home.

Looking for more ideas on selling your home quickly and for the best price? Call me today.

How a Home Inspection Helps You

Whether you’re considering buying a particular home, selling your current property – or doing both – a home inspection can help.

This inspection is conducted by a qualified professional who takes a close look at every aspect of a home – structure, wiring, plumbing, and more – and identifies issues you may not have noticed yourself.

For example, a home inspector can determine that a furnace will need to be replaced soon, or that there is a water leak that needs to be fixed.

You’ll definitely want to get a professional home inspection before you buy a particular property. That’s why most offers to purchase a home are conditional upon passing a home inspection. (The last thing you want is to buy your dream home only to discover that the wiring needs to be updated!)

You may also want to get a home inspection on your own home before you list it for sale. A certificate from a qualified professional that states that your home passed inspection will make your property more attractive to buyers.

Many reputable home inspectors are members of a professional industry association. However, it’s important to note that certification or licensing is not a requirement in many jurisdictions. So, select a home inspector carefully.

Need to find a reputable home inspector? Call me today for a recommendation.

Preventing Burglaries Requires More Than Locks and Alarms

There’s no doubt about it. If you want to keep your home safe from break-ins, you should have good locks on all doors and windows and ideally have an alarm system in place.

But home security doesn’t end with locks and alarms. There are other less obvious ways to keep your home safe. For example:

  • Install exterior lights with a motion detection feature. A light suddenly going on will almost always send a potential intruder away.
  • Look for – and, if possible, eliminate – potential hiding spots around your property. 
  • Always leave some lights on in your home when you’re away for an evening.
  • Never announce that you’re on vacation or otherwise away from your home on social media sites. (Ask your kids not to do this either!)
  • Don’t leave tempting valuables where they can be easily seen through a window.

In addition to good locking systems on doors and windows, simple precautions like these will significantly lower the risk of a break-in.

Notable, Quotable, Quotes!
“You can have everything you want…if you help enough other people get what they want!” 
Zig Ziglar

“A day will never be any more than what you make of it.”
Josh S. Hinds

“I not only use all the brains I have, but all that I can borrow.” 
Woodrow Wilson

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