April 2018: Exciting News & Invitations

I hope this finds you well. Please see below for updates, announcements and invitations. Let’s connect!

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If you don’t already know, earlier this year I joined The Sheehan Agency. I consider myself blessed to be able to work with some of the sharpest real estate professionals in South Florida. The Sheehan Agency is a boutique firm located in Jupiter, Florida. We have a variety of agents who specialize in everything from commercial to residential, so don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about real estate. If I can’t help you, I have immediate access to someone who can. While I am intimately familiar with Wellington and areas south of West Palm Beach such as Boynton Beach & Delray, my primary focus is on northern Palm Beach County (Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Jupiter Island, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Island).

That being said, I work with a network of great agents, and collectively, we cover all of South Florida. Please don’t hesitate to ask me about any and all of your real estate needs. You’ll have the best services, one way or another.


  • I have moved north to Jupiter, FL. Jupiter is my favorite place in Florida, so I couldn’t be happier to be living here. I will be having a Housewarming Party in May, so please stay tuned for your invitation to that. I hope you will be able to join me!
  • I will be starting a series of invitation-only Workshops geared towards business development and networking. Plans are underway, so please stay tuned… let me know if you would like to participate and if there is anything in particular you would like to discuss in a workshop or round table. I am always open to suggestions.



I am excited to announce that Denise Voltz, who is now a Real Estate Agent, is partnering with me to help me take care of my clients in Charlottesville and Albemarle county, as well as the surrounding counties.  Many of you know her already, but if you have not met her, please let me know. I am happy to introduce you to her. We have been discussing this for about a year, and I am thrilled that our plans are taking shape right now. Stephanie Mitchell, who has been taking care of the hands-on responsibilities will continue to assist with clients as well.


  • I am going to be in Charlottesville today and tomorrow (Tuesday 4/10 – Wednesday 4/11). I have scheduled a handful of 1:1 meetings, but it’s a short trip and we have a lot to do, so if you are around downtown, swing by Commonwealth Skybar around 5 pm tonight (Tues 4/10) to say hello!
  • I live in paradise. This is your personal invitation to visit me. There’s a pool, fine dining, golf, sunshine, and the beach is 10 minutes away.


Business is great in both states. Virginia’s spring market is in full swing and there are listings popping up right and left. Call me if you would like a market evaluation and recommendations for listing. Real Estate in Florida, as you may know, has a bit of a different season. High season *tends* to be in the winter months, when we have “snowbirds” renting and often looking for homes to purchase; however, as is true with Real Estate everywhere, people move when they need to move, and no season dictates job changes and major life changes that precipitate the need to buy or sell real estate. Even though I am always pretty busy, I am never too busy to take care of my friends and family. Call anytime!!

I hope to see you soon!

Have a blessed day,

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5 Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

There are several reasons why you may need to sell your home quickly. For example, a job change may require a speedy relocation to another city, or you may have purchased another property and don’t want to be stuck too long with two mortgages.

Here are some tips that can help get the sold sign on your front lawn sooner:

  • Be realistic with price. If you set the listing price higher than the current market value of your home, then you’re not going to get many, if any, viewers. You want the list price to be attractive, which means listing at the current market value.
  • Get things fixed. You probably don’t have time for a major renovation. So just make sure everything in your home is in good working order. Deal with any obvious maintenance issues, such as a leaking faucet or a gate hanging precariously on one hinge.
  • Ensure your home shows well, inside and outside. Eliminate clutter. Trim hedges. Make sure every room has adequate lighting. Imagine that a special guest is visiting your home, and clean up and prepare accordingly.
  • Be flexible with viewing times. You want as many potential buyers as possible to see your home. So, don’t restrict viewing times to just Saturdays. Make sure your home is as “available” as possible for showings. This may cause you and your family some inconvenience, but the reward will be selling your property sooner.
  • Work with a real estate agent like me who understands the area and the local market well. I will be able to recommend a variety of strategies that will help sell your home faster, and for a good price.

Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll sell your home within the time frame you want. But these tips will certainly increase the chances that you will.

How to Be a Savvy Home Viewer

If you’re planning on finding your next dream home, then you’re probably going to view several homes on the market that meet your criteria.

You will want to make the right purchasing decision for you and your family. So, it’s wise to be savvy when viewing properties for sale. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Bring a notepad. Take notes, not only of the home’s characteristics, but also of how you feel. For example, can you imagine yourself happily cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Do you see yourself entertaining family on the back deck?
  • Bring a measuring tape. Will the furniture you plan to bring fit? Your dining room suite? Your home fitness equipment?
  • Ask about maintenance. Is the property in a good state of repair? Will anything need to be replaced soon, such as the windows?
  • Check out the area. Do other homeowners take good care of their properties? This shows pride of ownership. How is the noise level? Is there a playground, or another area feature nearby?
  • Make a list of compromises. For example, are there only two bathrooms instead of three and, if so, can you live with that?
  • Make a list of bonuses. What features does the home have that are not a necessity, but would be nice to have? For example, an entertainment bar in the recreation room.
  • Remember your budget. Is the price within your range? Can you afford to buy this home?

The savvier you are when viewing properties on the market, the more likely you will be to find your next dream home.

5 Unexpected Things Home Buyers Want to See

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, you probably know the basics of what buyers want to see. Clean and uncluttered rooms. Comfortable living room. Functional and spacious kitchen. Bright, modern bathrooms. However, there are some things that today’s buyers are looking for that you might not have considered.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Smart storage space. Today’s buyers love to see organized closets, attractive shelving, storage nooks, built-in bookshelves, linen closets, and other storage options that are as functional as they are attractive.
  • Energy-efficient fixtures. Buyers are impressed by lighting that is good-looking but is also the latest in energy-efficiency. At the very least, energy-efficient bulbs and table lamps are a good idea. Solar-powered soft lighting in the garden, or on the deck or patio, will impress many.
  • Modern appliances. Buyers will notice kitchen and laundry room appliances that are modern and energy-efficient. In fact, according to a survey, 36% of buyers consider Energy Star rated appliances to be “essential”.
  • Work spaces. Home offices are in demand. Buyers will notice if there is a work area that is functional and attractive, even in the corner of the living room.
  • Outdoor living space. If you have a deck or patio, buyers love to see it well furnished and inviting – even if the outdoor furnishings don’t come with the home! Buyers will at least see the potential.

Of course, your home doesn’t need to have all these features. Having some will help your home sell faster and for a better price. Want more tips? Call today.

notable, quotable… quotes!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.”
Woodrow Wilson

“If you can’t do what you want, do what you can.”
Lois McMaster Bujold

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