Miracle Equation Resources

For 10/5 presentation slides, download the pdf:

S.A.V.E.R.S Samples

AM and PM reprogramming of subconscious:

The Miracle Morning:

  • S.A.V.E.R.S.
  • 5-Minute Rule to emotional invincibility

For more information and to purchase the book, see https://themiracleequation.com/

6-Minute Miracle Morning:

The Miracle Equation Affirmations TEMPLATE

  1. I am committed to maintaining Unwavering Faith that [insert your mission from Chapter 6], and I put forth Extraordinary Effort until I did, no matter what happened… there was no other option.
  2. I am committed to my mission because [insert your deeply meaningful why — the most significant benefits you will experience by pursuing and/or attaining your mission].
  3. To ensure that the attainment of my mission is inevitable, I remain committed to my process of ________ [insert your process] on ________ [date and time], without being emotionally attached to the short-term results. I remember that the end result is:
    • the only result that matters and
    • really the person I am becoming in pursuit of this goal. Each step that I take towards my goal moves me closer to becoming the type of person who achieves this goal.
  4. I am committed to my mission and living every day as the best version of myself, because I know that I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of creating tangible, measurable miracles and achieving all of my dreams as any other person on Earth. More so, in fact, because God LOVES me and has blessed me abundantly.

I sign my name to this empowering affirmation and commit to reading it every night before bed, every morning when I wake up, and every time I experience a setback or discouragement.


For Further Reading:

  • Brain Wash by David Permutter, MD and Austin Perlmutter, MD
  • Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • Presence by Amy Cuddy

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