The Best Places for Kayaking and Paddle boarding in Jupiter

For water lovers and paddle sports enthusiasts, Jupiter, Florida is a dream destination. Blessed with a variety of waterways, from serene rivers to the majestic Atlantic Ocean, Jupiter offers an array of incredible spots for kayaking and paddleboarding. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete novice, there’s a place for you. Here are some of the top picks.

1. The Loxahatchee River

Known as Florida’s first federally designated Wild and Scenic River, the Loxahatchee River is a top spot for kayaking and paddleboarding. Its calm, winding waters take you through dense mangroves, providing a peaceful setting to enjoy nature and spot local wildlife like manatees, river otters, and various species of birds.

2. Jupiter Inlet

Where the Loxahatchee River meets the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find the Jupiter Inlet, an ideal spot for more experienced paddlers. With access to both the river and the ocean, you can enjoy a diverse range of environments. The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse provides a stunning backdrop for your adventure.

3. Intracoastal Waterway

The Intracoastal Waterway offers a unique paddling experience. This waterway, protected from the open sea, offers calm, scenic routes along Jupiter’s coastline. It’s perfect for beginners and family outings. As you paddle, keep an eye out for dolphins, turtles, and a wide variety of bird species.

4. Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Head to the Jonathan Dickinson State Park for a guided tour along the Loxahatchee River. These tours, led by experienced guides, are a fantastic way to learn about the local ecosystem while enjoying a day on the water. The park’s calm and quiet waters are ideal for both kayaking and paddleboarding.

5. Jupiter Sandbar

The Jupiter Sandbar, located in the Loxahatchee River near the Jupiter Inlet, is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Paddle to the sandbar, take a break to relax and swim, and then continue your exploration of the surrounding waterways.

6. Coral Cove Park

For those looking for a sea kayaking or paddleboarding experience, Coral Cove Park is the place to be. Launch from the beach and explore the clear, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a great spot to enjoy ocean views and perhaps catch sight of a passing sea turtle or stingray.

In Jupiter, your paddleboarding and kayaking adventure possibilities are virtually endless. With its array of tranquil rivers, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the vast Atlantic Ocean, there’s a venue for every skill level and preference. So grab your paddle, hit the water, and experience the beauty of Jupiter from a unique perspective.

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